Seamlessly switch between multiple HDMI components

November 19, 2015 |

Video will show just how great this Tomsenn HDMI Switcher is, Every house that uses HDMI cables from a chromecast to a XBOX gaming system. This unit is so simple to set up and use that I purchased a second unit for my office. A great aspect of this box seldom talked about is how much “cord clutter” this unit eliminates. In my case my TV is wall mounted so instead of having my satellite TV cable/XBOX/playstation/ blueray/and DVD player cables all running up the wall to TV’s HDMI ports all I now have is 1 HDMI cable from the TV to the OUTPUT and all other components HDMI cables to the 4 input ports on the switcher, It’s simply an amazing product. Package also includes a IR Wireless Remote that makes switching between inputs wireless and very simple. If that’s not enough of a reason to purchase this unit it also has PIP (picture in picture) which allows One program (channel) to be displayed on the full TV screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Sound is from the main program only. This will allow you to play your Xbox/PS on the main display while you keep watching a TV show, movie, or other program in the second display. This supports up to 3 sub-screens at a single time so you can be watching 4 other things at a single time as you are on your main display! If you own 4k players your also covered, I was not able to test the 4k but every other resolution worked flawless and switching inputs from a chromecast to a DVD movie was very seamless with no delay of any kind. To purchase this product for $31.99 visit AMAZON.

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i wanted to introduce myself to all of you and add a little about my background in the Android/tech world, my name is Darren Wilson and i am from Pittsburgh pa and i am 49 years old. I have been in the phone game as far back as the windows mobile days when a HTC touch pro was a powerhouse of a phone and development was a far cry to what it is these days but that’s the past and now im 100% android and love it but i do dabble in IOS/MAC but prefer windows machines. i absolutely love doing reviews and spreading the word about products i believe in and test. im a reviewer for about 50 companies such as RavPower/inateck/aukey and anker to name a few and hoping to grow that list. Being from Pittsburgh im a steelers and penguins fan for life so dont hate me for that please. lol I have been a longtime member of xda and many other sites but my “goto” site has been xda for years When im not working on my device my daily job is also a passion of mine and that’s operating heavy equipment. i hope to improve my android development skills as i feel there is no end in sight for how far development can go and hope i covered any questions you may have but feel free to hit me up here or on twitter @darrenwlsn or on facebook

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