so many uses, great buy

October 25, 2015 |

These as very useful product to have in many ways, i wanted them to dissipate batteries for cycling purposes which they work perfect for but then the more i thought the more uses i came up with. These make great night lights and i finally found a use for old USB chargers, plug one in to wall outlet and remove the USB cable and plug one of these in and you got a bright nightlight. A word of warning these are very bright and you will see stars if you look directly at the bulbs. Another use i found for these is plugging one into back of TV so i now have light when plugging in my HDMI cable or chromecast. There are 5 of these in a bag and im reviewing unit that has no switch to turn off light so keep that in mind when buying these and pick accordingly to what your needs are as DROK offers 3 different styles/options, 2 LED’s no switch/3 LED’s light control and 3 LEDs touch control. Great product that i highly recommend. To purchase this product for $6.49 visit AMAZON.

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