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This RAVPower SD Card Reader, Wireless Hard Drive Companion, Wireless Bridge, 6000mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger is a perfect step up from my now second favorite product the WD01 unit i also own because not only is the external battery charger doubled to 6,000mAh but Ravpower added ability to use unit as a WIRELESS ROUTER and Instantly convert a wired network to wireless. Internal dual band antennas allow for better network performance. My video will cover alot more than written review but a few points of interest and operation are: connecting your device(s)is simple, download an app from playstore or iTunes called “rav file hub and install it then power on file hub and in your WiFi network options will be “FileHubplus-3A28 and connect to that and password is a simple 1(8x) so that’s 8 (1’s) then open Rav app you just installed and that’s it, your now able to see all of your connected devices storage and here is where the fun starts, on the unit is a sd card slot (full size) and a USB port so insert either a sd card or USB thumb drive and now you can either share whats on your device to file hub or share whats on the file hub to your devices or up to 5 devices at once. I own multiple devices with no external storage (nexus 6/nexus 9) so this is such a great unit but even if you just want to share pictures/videos ect to your friends or family its a great unit. Now this next option is even better, you can also connect to your home WiFi with the WIRELESS BRIDGE capabilities by bridging an existing wireless network, to create your own secure Wi-Fi network. This is done simply from the file hub app you downloaded and Click the Button ‘Setting’ on the home page of the App, and then choose your home network or if in a hotel or anywhere with WiFi and enter the web and enter”” on your browser to enter login screen ans user name is ADMIN and password you leave BLANK and that’s it, simple and amazing. Unit is very small and on the top (face) are a power button and 4 LED’s and a WiFi LED and the WiFi LED will be where your network status shows as such:Blinking blue =system loading/solid blue= system loaded/solid green=internet connected/not lit=no internet available Power Led operates as such:Short press(1 second) your able to see the battery charge left and a Long Press (3 seconds) Powers on the unit. On one of the ends of unit is the SD slot and the other end is the WAN port and USB port (output) both covered by a “flap” and this area i have an issue with in design as the port flaps are very hart to open so hoping that’s re worked in next model but not a huge deal just annoying. On 1 of the sides is a micro USB port (in) and a simple reset hole to turn unit back to default settings. Few things to take note of: WD03 could only support USB2.0 transfer speeds so kinda didn’t like that and you will need to download the latest firmware from the RAVPower website if your USB or SD cards are extFAT format also not a big deal just a heads up. For apple people: Due to the limitation of the Apple IOS system, you can ONLY access the Photos folder on your iPad/iPhone];Filehub is currently unable to sync with media files stored in iTunes to USB storage devices due to digital rights management (DRM). GREAT unit and 5 stars from me.

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i wanted to introduce myself to all of you and add a little about my background in the Android/tech world, my name is Darren Wilson and i am from Pittsburgh pa and i am 49 years old. I have been in the phone game as far back as the windows mobile days when a HTC touch pro was a powerhouse of a phone and development was a far cry to what it is these days but that’s the past and now im 100% android and love it but i do dabble in IOS/MAC but prefer windows machines. i absolutely love doing reviews and spreading the word about products i believe in and test. im a reviewer for about 50 companies such as RavPower/inateck/aukey and anker to name a few and hoping to grow that list. Being from Pittsburgh im a steelers and penguins fan for life so dont hate me for that please. lol I have been a longtime member of xda and many other sites but my “goto” site has been xda for years When im not working on my device my daily job is also a passion of mine and that’s operating heavy equipment. i hope to improve my android development skills as i feel there is no end in sight for how far development can go and hope i covered any questions you may have but feel free to hit me up here or on twitter @darrenwlsn or on facebook

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