Dimmable Eye-care LED Desk Lamp

July 17, 2015 |

The Aglaia Dimmable Eye-care LED Desk Lamp is a very simple to use and functions very well but i did have a issues with build quality of this desk lamp, I received this product for a fair and honest review and with that said i think for $39.99 a customer would expect better build quality. The plastic seems very thin and almost cheap and my other issue was the base seemed like it was not heavy enough and the slightest “bump” to the lamp sent it off my table but maybe im just picky and the unit did perform as i hoped it would and as a $39.99 desk lamp should. For reading the lamp was perfect, The LED light cast warm and soft glow and i loved that it was a even light and now hindering shadows were cast on book i was reading. The
4 level brightness has great intervals of brightness and a simple finger tap on the base can lower or brighten your viewing area. Rotatable head and adjustable arms provide you with countless viewing options and was very helpful when i was building a puzzle or just wanting some extra light in a specific are.My favorite option on the lamp was the extra USB port on the base of the lamp, such a great idea and i used that feature almost every time i used the lamp. The USB port is 5V/2A USB port so it will charge most all your mobile devices.Overall i game the desk lamp 4 stars for its ease of use and overall function. Visit Aglaia for more products and to purchase this desk lamp for $39.99 visit AMAZON


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