Levin™ [2015 New Version] Solar Charger Battery 7000mAh With Bluetooth Shutter Dual USB

July 16, 2015 |

I own several solar charges but this is by far the best one i have ever used by a large margin, There are just so many features that a video review is a must for reviewing this Levin Solar Charger. I will start off with overall design, The solar charger is shaped like a iron but just my opinion and has a function as the top of charger that comes to a point and has a “cut out” is also where you can carry it (i put 1 finger through opening) or use the provided carib hook to hang the unit which was great for camping in my case as i attached charger to a tree branch to not only face the sun but kept the charger off the ground and out of peoples way. The charger will have no issues being on the ground as its waterproof/shockproof and dust proof but for reviewing purposes i didn’t want it all dirty. The unit is made from a environmentally safe silica gel and a ABS + PC materials with with rubber-paint surface process which feels great in your hands and almost feels like rubber so you know its going to last. On the sides of the charger are 2 “flaps” which house a micro USB port and regular USB port, micro is used to to charge unit via provided USB cable (3ft) if no sunlight is available and other USB port is for charging 1 device (One 2.1A USB output allows for simultaneous charging of your devices at high speed) and on other side under the protective “flap” is a single USB port also for charging another device. Moving on to the bottom of the unit and my favorite part there is a built in torch LED light which comes in very handy not only from a function standpoint but a safety standpoint as well. Also on on the bottom but above the torch are 4 very small LED lights and on either side of LED lights are a power button and on the side another button that has a camera icon on it which i will get to in a minute but the 4 LED lights signify charge remaining on High Capacity 7000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and with 1 blue LED light illuminated you have 25% battery life left so 2 LEDs lit would be 50% and so on. Vey easy to understand yet a great feature. Now onto the surprise feature the solar charger has which is the other button with camera icon on it, This is a Bluetooth Shutter button and this solar charger is the first solar charger with bluetooth selfie shutter feature the world and it works PERFECT.Very simple to pair your device with solar charger by simply pressing said camera button for 7 seconds then look for “YUNDU” on your list of devices and connect, thats it then your able to take selfie photos without a selfie stick and capture other photos while not even having camera/phone in your hands. Unit took approximately 5rs from under 25% to full which may seem long but you really need to only charge unit to full capacity 1 time as the natural sunlight with keep unit charged to 100% pretty much all the time. Also the 4 LED lights are blue when not using sunlight to charge and green when using sunlight to charge the unit. Package Includes: Levin solar charger External Battery, hook, micro USB cable, instruction manual and has a 12 months worry-free product guarantee. visit LEVINS amazon page and to purchase this solar charger for $39.99 visit AMAZON.

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