Mavis’s Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

July 13, 2015 |

If your like me you want a case to protect your costly smartphone and in my review i will be using a samsung galaxy s5 for a form/fit and overall looks of this Mavis’s Diary 3D Handmade Bling Crystal. When i use a case i am very picky about how the fit is and especially i like having my volume/power button rockers (buttons) not covered by the case as the buttons are hard enough to find without having them covered by a case and this Mavis’s Diary is exactly what i was looking for. The gs5 also has the USB port covered by design for water/dust so its even more important to have a case not cover that area. I had no issues using case for 8 days and with the form/fit/price and overall good looks of this case i gave it 5 stars. Find more products from Mavis’s Diary and to purchase this case visit AMAZON.


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