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fI_uqOvKBl-HPIwmODBmprKF08mRWvDVqPj0R8CcFa0 Hj9tqlMLNorw4sRQ8ahSr2cDnftrOUvAEUNyhi51zno                        PDBPA5BOhTfnRrQSo_e03n7ffy7FhENnZ6QZ7McBeHY       If you’re in need of a great camera bag then the BESTEK Canvas SLR DSLR Digital Camera Shoulder Bag is for you , first off the price is amazingly low for what your getting and people need to know all there getting because it’s much more than a camera bag. With its shockproof Pearl-cotton Liner i had no issues putting 2 nexus phones in it and a nexus tablet when my camera was not in the bag and for even added safety the bag is even Waterproof which was nice as i like to shoot pictures early in the morning when the dew is out and grass ect. is slightly wet. Overall feel of the bag is almost a suede feel but its a rugged canvas so wear is great and in my testing i was very rough on the bag from dew covered grass to extreme heat and never a issue. There’s 2 closure straps/buckles on the front that after opening those there’s a zipper before your in the storage area of the bag which i liked for added security and there’s 2 ways to carry the bag, a handle strap on back of bag to keep close to your body and if needed there’s a longer shoulder strap (4.59feet) that when not in use can easily be tucked under the flap and hidden, great to have options.the size of the bag is perfect for my needs, not too big or too small and as i said the price was very surprising how low it was for all your getting.I loved the bag and highly recommend this bag and hope video really shows off just how nice this bag is. If your looking to purchase camera bag it can be found HERE on amazon for $23.99.

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i wanted to introduce myself to all of you and add a little about my background in the Android/tech world, my name is Darren Wilson and i am from Pittsburgh pa and i am 49 years old. I have been in the phone game as far back as the windows mobile days when a HTC touch pro was a powerhouse of a phone and development was a far cry to what it is these days but that’s the past and now im 100% android and love it but i do dabble in IOS/MAC but prefer windows machines. i absolutely love doing reviews and spreading the word about products i believe in and test. im a reviewer for about 50 companies such as RavPower/inateck/aukey and anker to name a few and hoping to grow that list. Being from Pittsburgh im a steelers and penguins fan for life so dont hate me for that please. lol I have been a longtime member of xda and many other sites but my “goto” site has been xda for years When im not working on my device my daily job is also a passion of mine and that’s operating heavy equipment. i hope to improve my android development skills as i feel there is no end in sight for how far development can go and hope i covered any questions you may have but feel free to hit me up here or on twitter @darrenwlsn or on facebook

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  1. can i get any comments from viewers if they like this layout (video 1st then description) or second article with description then video and pictures or no pictures please?

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